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The Dreger Clock has been seen by countless numbers of visitors to Knott's berry Farm over the past 50 years. There may also be some out there who remember the clock when it stood in its original location on Anaheim Street in Long Beach. Below are some of the memories that visitors have submitted about the Dreger Clock.

We would love to hear your memories and stories about the clock. If you have a special memory regarding the clock, please send it to us using the form on the left.

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Your Memories of the Clock...


arrowTime For Life
It was February 20, 1994 @ 5:00pm (according to this magnificent clock at Knott's, that I quit smoking!) Yep, I was directly within sight of it, lookat at the time (4:56 pm), finished that LAST cigarette and I have NEVER touched one again. I love that clock and it's history. I do miss the "old Knott's Berry Farm" though. I will forever remember this clock, as it more than likely inspired me to quit tobacco and therefore added time to my life!

Memphis Sommers


arrowPicture in album
Looking through old photos I saw a picture of the clock laying in the front lawn of a house with I believe my Grandma as a little girls looking at it out the window.



arrowMy grandma always told me stories about her grandfather making the clock
Growing up I always heard about the clock at Knott's by my grandmother, who her grandfather made. Whenever we went to Knott's we always had to go see the clock. I'm so glad my grandmother Marquerite got to see the dedication. And I'm very happy to see it restored.

Cheri Haigh


arrowClock Unvieling
We attended the event yesterday and it was a great sucess! Con-grats Glen on the fine job you and others have done in making our clock again a part of history that many will enjoy for years to come.

Ken Dreger & Family

Ken Dreger


arrowDad proposed to Mom at the Dreger Clock in 1955
Until I found this website, I did not know the name of the clock. But somewhere, I have a photo of my parents in 1955, just after my Dad proposed to my Mom under the clock.

I believe the clock's original location at Knott's Berry Farm was by the bakery, behind the row of shops that sat behind the Chicken Dinner Restaurant. I believe there was a rose garden. My father loved roses and tended his own garden until he passed away at 85 in 1995.

Every year (for nearly 40 years until their deaths in '94/'95), we accompanied our parents to celebrate their anniversary with a Knott's chicken dinner.

They always went looking for the clock and reminisced about the day Dad proposed under the clock!

Laura Orozco


arrowDraker Family memories at "Knott's Clock"
I'm a first-generation Orange County-born Native, and this clock was a part of my childhood memories that passed on a family tradition at Knott's Berry Farm.
My Indiana family moved to Orange County way back in the 50's, and this is where our obsession of going to Knott's and Disneyland began. Before I was even born, my family - including Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, and other assorted relatives - always seemed to find themselves over at Knott's on a weekend. Knott's was very close, just across the street from where my family lived, and in those days one didn't need to pay to get inside. An assured meeting place was "by the Knott's Clock"! The clock was always an identifying location marker for the kids to hook up with Parents and Grandparents. It was also within easy range of shopping.
As time has changed the face of Knott's over the years, so has our family, which now includes my own little Daughter and my oldest married Daughter with her family as well. We miss alot of things about Knott's from the old days...But, the old "Knott's Clock" is one of the special things we always remember! That clock was something from "another time", literally! It gave generations of families a tradition and also acknowledged how precious time makes life and creating those memories. The clock is a keepsake icon from a wonderful Orange County Past, and I hope it is going to be restored to us all quite soon!
Thanks for sharing your Great-Grandfather's clock with all of us for so many years via the Walter Knott connection at Knott's Berry Farm! And thanks for allowing me to share my family's cherished memories of this wonderful clock! ~
God Bless,
Gina Draker and family

Gina Draker


arrowMemories & Marriage
I remember the clock from my many visits to Knott's Berry Farm. Then in 1993, I met the love of my life. Garth Andrew Dreger. We now have two children who I now tell the story and history of the clock to. I think what Glenn Frank is doing for the restoration of this clock is beyond words. Great job Glenn!! Love, Garth, Kim, Andrea and Logan Dreger.

Kimberly Dreger


arrowAlways the first place we'd visit!
When I was little my parents ( Kenneth & Starr Dreger) would take my brother and I to Knott's, where we'd always start off our trip to Knott's Berry Farm with a visit to look at the old "Dreger" clock . I remember just being amazed by all the different clock faces and its beauty! My parent's always told us that if my brother and I were to ever get lost while we were in the head straight for the "Dreger" clock and that's where mom and dad would find us. It was a part of my childhood and I'm glad that you are working on getting it restored! Thanks for all that you are doing.

Kimberlee (Dreger) Gash


arrowAre you serious?!
My family visited Orange County nearly every summer when I was growing up (70s and 80s), and Knott's Berry Farm was always on the list of places we had to go. The clock was a recognizable structure where we could meet up with local family members for a day at Knott's.

I moved to California in 1992. I met and began dating this guy named Glenn. On a date to Knott's one time, he told me that his great-grandfather had built that clock that stood out in front of the ticket booths. I remember thinking, "Is he serious? Or is this a line?"

Well, 13 years of marriage later, I can tell you that his great-grandfather did indeed build that clock! And I'm so proud to be part of the family!

Jori Frank


arrowYou Don't Have To Be Into Clocks To Enjoy This One!
I was impressed with it's size and overall beauty. But what think I loved most about it, were all the different times displayed. Long before the times of watches that could do this with a touch of a button, to be able to see this information on an old clock, I thought was totally cool!

Christina Lawson


arrowTook a Good Look at Dreger Clock
I vaguely remember seeing the Dreger clock for the first time at Knott's in the 70s. It was located behind a fence on a small patch of grass. Unlike the first time I saw it, I clearly remember the last time I saw it in front of Knott's on Beach Blvd. As I drove by, I thought to myself what a handsome looking's such a great reminder of another era. I took a good look at it as I drove by. I really like the dark green paint with the gold lettering and its old-fashioned shape. It has a dignified look that commands respect, and knowing its history enhances that feeling.

Thanks to Glenn, Rochelle, the Buena Park Historical Society, and everyone else for saving this historic community landmark. I look forward to seeing it again.

Christina Niven


arrowTrip to Long Beach
When I was a small boy of 4, I remember when my grandparents Dreger's took me on the trolley to visit my grandpa's brother. I was amazed to see what a large clock was at his home!

Years later after the clock had a new home at Knotts, we would go there for Sunday's around the old wagon circle and then visit the rose garden where the clock was and my kids would see a part of history for the Dreger family.

I am very happy that the clock is being taken care of and will be restored.

Ken Dreger


arrowVery Impressed
I am a member of the SGGEE Society and have been reading about this magnificent clock that your Great Grandfather constructed.

I wish to express my sincere wishes that you succeed in your project. Many, many communities would be honored to have this clock as an historical addition.

If I could afford it I would want to own it for myself.

Good luck and thank you for posting it online.

Lois Klarenbach


arrowDreger Clock
While I had see the clock at Knott's Berry Farm, I did not realize that it was built by a Dreger from Vollhynia. My Schumann, Freimann, Weinerts also came from there and some married Dregers. The family settled in Alberta Canada and now have descendants in the US and Canada. I cannot contribute at this time but will remember the clock.

Carol Duff


arrowFamily Photos
I was born after my great-grandfather's clock came to Knott's, so I don't remember it any other place. I guess I took it for granted that everyone knew of the clock, since it was common knowledge in our family.

Whenever we had family come into town we seemed to go over to the rose garden at Knott's to get another family photo with the clock. I know that at the time it was no big deal to me. It had always been there and was fascinating to look at, but as can be seen in many of our family photos, I was not thrilled to stand for yet another family photo!

Little could I have known that a few decades later I would be tracking down the clock after it had disappeared from Knott's, and be working to get it restored again!

Glenn Frank


arrowMy Break Time at Knott's
I used to work at Knott's Berry Farm in the mid-70's and loved to take my breaks sitting on the wrought-iron benches in the rose garden area, eyes fixed on that beautiful clock, not as a reminder that my break was over, but as a reminder as to what true craftsmanship really was. I can’t wait to see it once again, restored and again sending out that reminders to those who care.

Doug Mason


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